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Built 1795 by Benjamin Stoddert first Secretary of the Navy 1798-1801. A Revolutionary War Major. Stoddert was born 1751 in Charles County and died here December 18, 1813. Land originally granted to Colonel Ninian Beall of Georgetown.
Farming community established after the Civil War by former slaves from local tobacco plantations. Ridgley Methodist EpiscopalChurch was first built in the late 1870s on land deeded to trustees Rev. Lewis Ridgley, Joseph Beal, and Richard Cook i…
In Memory ofThomas R HawkinsMedal of HonorSergeant Major 6th US Colored InfantryCivil War1840 ? 1870
Medal of HonorSergeant Major 4th US Colored TroopsCivil War1840 ? 1914
In Memory of Osborne Perry AndersonJuly 17, 1830? ?December 11, 1872This dedicated and brave Christian traveled from Chatham, Canada to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, to fight beside John Brown in quest to abolish slavery. He later served as a uni…
Born into slavery, Elizabeth Keckly purchased her freedom using her exceptional skills as a seamstress. After establishing her own business, she was employed as a modiste (dressmaker) by Mary Lincoln, becoming her trusted friend and confidante. Mr…
This Memorial HonorsPhilip ReedThe slave who built the statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol, died a free man on Feb. 6, 1892, and is buried here at National Harmony Memorial Park.
Established in 1982 and expanded in 2004, over 1,000 structures encircling the Victorian core of Hyattsville were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Homes built in the late 1800s located near the intersection of 42nd Avenue and Ga…
Adam Francis Plummer Founder of Present Day Edmonston Born into slavery to the powerful Calvert Family, literate and educated Adam Francis Plummer rose to become the foreman for Charles Benedict Calvert (founder of the University of Maryland an…
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, the legendary labor organizer, spent a life fighting for unions and the rights of workers. She died at the Burgess Farm near here on November 30, 1930, aged 100 years.