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James Roosevelt purchased a house on 110 acres alongside the Hudson River in 1867. Both he and his son, FDR, cherished the vista from the south lawn, which provided the backdrop for many family, community, and political events. Eventually, this vi…
Those Who Served Korea Ralph Herrmann, Jr. · Neal W. Horton · Ernest W. Frank, Jr. · Robert D. Holtzman · Clarence B. Devens, Sr. · Ronald L. O'Rourke · Donald E. Veith, Sr. · George…
Honor Roll Of Those Who Served In World War II and Korean Conflict From Town of Hyde Park —————————————————- Those Who Made the Supreme Sacr…
Honor Roll The Following Men From The Township of Hyde Park Have Answered the Call of Their Country Serving in the Military Or Naval Forces in the War Declared by Congress on April 6, 1917 Harry E. Asher · Allen W. Barner · …
Honor Roll Of Those Who Served In The Viet Nam War From Town of Hyde Park —————————————————— Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice Car…
Site of James K. Paulding House, 1841 - 1860 Paulding was a distinguished author, collaborated with Washington Irving, was Sec'y of Navy under Van Buren
Reformed Dutch Church Hyde Park, New York Has Been Placed On The National Register Of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Organized 1789   Built 1824
St. James Church Erected 1844. Attended By Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, and his Family. State Education Department 1935
Reformed Dutch Church of Hyde Park Established 1789 as the Stoutenburgh Religious Society. Oldest continuous Congregation in Hyde Park. William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2015
Hyde Park RR Station Has Been Placed On The National Register Of Historic Places By The United States Department of the Interior Built 1914