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Erected on the southeast corner of Lexington and Lynn Streets as a temporary home for Jackson County Government. This building has housed functions of the Jackson County Court as late as 1932 under Judge Harry S. Truman.
In 1895 John and Martha Truman bought this house, built about 1886. Harry S. Truman (1884 - 1972) spent his boyhood here. The family moved in 1902. Later additions have greatly altered the original appearance of the house.
The Eternal Flame of Freedom in this courtyard is dedicated to the memory of President and Legionnaire Harry S. Truman on the 72nd anniversary of the American Legion
Salem Cemetery Association, an independent community association separate from the New Salem Baptist Church, was formed and incorporated December 4, 1917, by a group of concerned lot owners interested in the perpetuation, maintenance and improveme…
Moonlight's Union cavalry brigade, with five guns and 1000 men, was driven from the Little Blue River by Marmaduke's and Shelby's 5000 Confederates of Price's army. Moonlight stopped here and was joined by Jennison's and Ford's brigades of Blunt's…
By 11 a.m. on Oct. 20, 1864, Col. Thomas Moonlight had made his first movement after the Little Blue crossing. Maj. Gen. James Blunt received permission from Maj. Gen. Samuel Curtis to engage the Confederate and made a rapid movement to this posit…
Marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Missouri 1909.
Designed for Harvey M. Vaile, operator of Star Mail routes, by Asa Cross of Kansas City, this Second Empire style house was described in 1881 as "one of the most costly and beautiful residences" in the county. Listed on the National Register of Hi…
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of theStatue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity andloyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade…
Born May 8, 1884 Lamar, MissouriDied December 26, 1972Married June 28, 1919DaughterBorn February 17, 1924JudgeEastern DistrictJackson CountyJan. 1, 1923 - Jan 1, 1925Presiding JudgeJackson CountyJan. 1, 1927 - Jan. 1, 1935United States SenatorMiss…