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State capital was moved to Indianapolis, 1825, from Corydon. The capital built on this site in 1835 was razed in 1878 to make way for this State House, completed in 1888.
FrontBorn 1786 in New Jersey; admitted to the bar 1810. Residing in Vincennes, Indiana Territory in 1815; later elected Speaker of the first state House of Representatives. In September 1817, Governor Jennings appointed Blackford to Indiana Suprem…
Plaque One Born in Wayne Co. Indiana August 4, 1823.Died in Indianapolis November 1, 1877.Aged 54 years, 2month and 25 days.Admitted to the Bar in 1847.Served as Governor of Indiana from January 16, 1861 to March 4, 1867.Served as U. S. Senat…
Panel 1Named in honor of our Capitol City, the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis keel was laid on 31 March 1930 and launched on 7 November 1931. She was accepted by the Navy and Commissioned on 15 November 1932. She was 610 feet 4 inches in length 66…
Governor Oliver P. Morton established a state arsenal to supply Indiana's troops with ammunition. First located adjacent to the State Capitol, the arsenal was later moved to the present site of Arsenal Technical High School.
Side oneBorn 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland, Muir moved to the U.S. with his family, settling in Wisconsin 1849. As a youth, he became interested in nature and mechanical inventions. He attended the University of Wisconsin and was consumed with an inter…
Side one: On December 31, 1821, a 78-mile state road was authorized from the Ohio border to Indianapolis through Brookville, to be built with required citizen labor. Commissioners filed a survey report June 24, 1822 for the Brookville State Roa…
Side A:Bowen-Merrill FireOn March 17, 1890 the Bowen-Merrill Company stationery and book store at 16-18 West Washington Street caught fire. Eighty-six firemen fought the blaze. The wood framed roof and floors collapsed, dropping many men into the …
1745-1796. Wayne Township was named for Gen. Anthony Wayne. This hero of the Revolution defeated the Indians at Fallen Timbers, 1794, and opened large areas for settlement by the Treaty of Greene Ville, 1795.
Original location of the Macedonian Tribune, 20 South West Street, from 1927-1949. Founded by immigrants from Macedonia as the voice of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization, the paper continues to be published in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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