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The Jamestown Academy Hallowed in memory as "The Old Academy" was erected here in 1837. For more than thirty years this three-story wooden building was the intermediate and academic institution of the village.
The First Newspaper On this site in 1825 Adolphus Fletcher erected a two-story building, the first printing office in Jamestown, and on a wooden press printed the first issue of the Jamestown Journal, June 21, 1826. The building was removed in 1854.
The First Metal Furniture Factory Here stood the factory of the Fenton Metallic Company organized in 1888 by Reuben Earle Fenton Alexis Crane Frank E. Gifford Albert Gilbert Fred E. Hatch James W. Hine and Arthur W. Wade. From this beginning has g…
Samuel A. Carlson Electric Generating Station in memory of Samuel A. Carlson 1868 - 1961 Mayor of the City of Jamestown for 26 years and associated with its public utilities systems for over 48 years. A public servant for 60 years. Advocate of mun…
Boyhood Home of Roger Tory Peterson August 28. 1908 - July 28, 1996 World famous naturalist Father of bird watching Artist Author Educator
Gustavus Adolphus Children's Home Admitted its first 12 orphans on January 27, 1886. It was established on this site by the New York Conference of the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod. The home became the foundation for Lutheran S…
Dexterville Tavern Built in 1826 by Darius and John Dexter as a stage coach stop on the Buffalo route leading south to Pittsburgh, this is the oldest building standing in its original location in Jamestown.
Dahlstrom Metallic Door Company 1904 Founded by Charles P. Dahlstrom who designed and manufactured hollow metal fireproof interior, exterior and elevator doors, enabling new heights in skyscraper construction.
Automatic Voting Machines At this site from 1895 to 1993, Jamestown-based companies pioneered in developing, manufacturing and servicing of mechanical-lever voting machines and electronic voting systems. For many years Jamestown-built machines dom…
American Aristotype Company An ornate red brick building here was the office of American Aristotype Company. Founded in 1889, its factories manufactured a fine early collodian paper which helped revolutionize the photographic industry. The operat…