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"Allen's Opera House" 1881 Allen's Opera House 1898 Samuel's Opera House 1919 Shea's Opera House/Theater 1968 Little Theater of Jamestown
"Keyes' Carpenter Shop" Here in 1816, Royal Keyes, cabinet maker, erected a small carpenter shop. In its second story he made simple articles of furniture for the pioneer community. From this small beginning grew the great furniture industry of Ja…
Keyes' Carpenter Shop Here in 1816 Royal Keyes cabinet maker erected a small two-story carpenter shop. In its second story he employed his spare time in making simple articles of furniture for the pioneer community. From this small beginning ha…
[front] Robert H. Jackson 1892 - 1954. He kept the ancient landmarks and built the new. [right]"The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from...political controversy. One's...fundamental rights may not be submitted t…
The first train arrived in Jamestown August 25, 1860 over the newly laid rails of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad culminating a 29 year effort to assure Jamestown's position in the national transportation network.
The Car Barns Remaining building of a complex built to house the trolley car fleet and later the buses which served the Jamestown area from 1884 to 1976.
Site of the First Bank in this county "The Chautauque County Bank" Erected 1831 Burned 1861 It greatly aided the early development of the entire region.
First Congregational Church First Congregational Church. Organized June 16, 1816. Jamestown's first religious society. Met at Main and Fifth Streets where a church built in 1829 served until this Gothic ediface was erected in 1869. This is the old…
West Third Street Bridge 1925 - 1926 Spanning the Chadakoin River, the bridge facilitated the city of Jamestown's growth from the central downtown area to the west for residential and family business development.
Stage Stop 1823 Site of the Ballard Tavern, opened in 1818. It became the stop for the Jamestown-Mayville statgecoach line operated by Capt. Gilbert Ballard beginning in 1823.