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Great Fire of 1861 An arson fire set on this site, Jan. 31, 1861, leveled most of the Main Street buildings on both sides between Second and Third Streets and half of this side of Third Street.
In a small house which stood here, James Prendergast founder of Jamestown lived from 1815 to 1836. Judge Prendergast was born in Pawling, New York, 1764 and died 1846 in Kiantone. To his vision, his enterprise his Christian character and his many …
Robert H. Jackson United States Supreme Court Justice (1941 - 1954) and U.S. Chief Prosecutor at the international military tribunal at Nuremberg following World War II. Lived and worked in Jamestown for more than twenty years. From 1926-1934, Jac…
First Furniture Factory 1825 On this site William and John Breed constructed the first building for the Manufacture of furniture.
Site of Ahlstrom Piano Company 1875 - 1926 Charles A. Ahlstrom/ Marcus N. Ahlstrom manufactured square grand, parlor grand, upright, player pianos in fine wood with elaborate carvings. Perfected artotechnique. Invented and patented viola pedal
Chautauqua County Political Equality Club New York State's first countywide Political Equality Club organized formally at this site in October 31, 1888 to promote women's voting rights. With over 1,000 members, it was the largest county suffrage o…
Site of Gurney Ball Bearing Co. Founded 1903 by Frederick W. Gurney Developed radial thrust and pre-loaded ball bearings and machines to produce ball bearings. Merged 1924 with a division of Marlin-Rockwell Corporation.
First Campus of Jamestown Community College Here at the home of Fletcher Goodwill was the first campus of Jamestown Community College. Approved by New York State February 7, 1950. It is the first community college in the United States.
Quaker School From 1833 to 1843 on this site Mary E. Osborne, a Quaker widow, conducted a boarding school for young ladies.
Home of William J. Maddox 1865 - 1936 Inventor and entrepreneur associated with five local furniture factories before establishing the Maddox Table Company in 1898. Awarded 21 patents, some of which revolutionized the wood furniture industry.