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Of the Jamestown Police Department gave his life on June 18, 1915. He was shot while responding to a double shooting in the Shaver Building which occupied this site. The Kendall Club, Police Benevolent Association was named in his honor.
August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989First Lady of Comedy
The Harrison-Derby-Victoria neighborhood was home to nearly 100 predominately Italian-American families. They were displaced by the Urban Renewal Project of the 1970's. This area east of Main Street to the Chadakoin River was the only residential …
Here on the banks of the outlet in pioneer days was the keelboat landing. Long, shallow draft boats, propelled by poles, brought cargoes from Pittsburgh and farther south up the Allegheny River to this forest-bound village.
Built to display locally manufactured furniture and to host semi-annual "Furniture Marts" for a national audience, 1917-1982.
Here stood a station of underground railroad in which Catherine Harris did heroic service for fugitive slaves
Built in 1823 by Elial Todd Foote, physician, legislator, jurist, historian who settled in Jamestown in 1815.
Here in 1816, Daniel Hazeltine built Jamestown's first woolen mill. He processed raw wool and manufactured finished cloth for 20 years at this site. Also, he dyed and finished on shares cloth woven on handlooms by pioneer women.
The first train arrived in Jamestown August 25, 1860 over the newly laid rails of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad culminating a 29 year effort to assure Jamestown's position in the national transportation network.
Upon this corner facing south stood the first store erected in Jamestown. It was built in 1813 by Jediah and Martin Predergast, brothers of James Prendergast as a branch of their store in Mayville. It was removed in 1861.