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In 1660, as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland, Stuyvesant was instrumental in the establishment of the Village of Bergen, which was near this site. The Scottish-American sculptor J. Massey Rhind was commissioned to cr…
Salt marshes like the one you are looking at, once lined the entire coast of New York Harbor. Most were filled as the Harbor became an industrial port. However, this remnant marsh teems with the life that results when brackish (salty) water meets …
The land we know as Liberty State Park has undergone many changes. Known to the Lenape Indians as Communipaw Cove, it was a place of saltmarshes and oysters. Later Dutch and English settlers harvested salt hay for their livestock. To native people…
The term "Historic Trilogy" is used to represent the role the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CRRNJ) Terminal, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty played in American history. It was these three historic structures that greeted most of the immig…
Jersey City's oldest building, the Newkirk House was erected circa 1690 a few blocks northeast of the nearby Dutch settlement of Bergen Square (1660). Occupied for two centuries by the Newkirk family, the sandstone structure was sold by descend…
This marks the siteof the home ofJane Tuersa heroine of theAmerican Revolution Presented byJane Tuers CocietyC.A.R.1925
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey has established preserved areas within the Port Jersey Peninsula to protect and maintain fragile wetlands and wildlife, and provide a waterfront which can be enjoyed by all. From here you can see some…
In honor ofGeorge E. BlakesleePioneer ofthe modern highway [ Rear Marker : ]Blakeslee rededicatedSeptember 2005byThe Friends of the Marion SectionPatrick J. O'MeliaHassan Abubakr · Tessie Brady · Sam C. Difeo · Mary Donnell…
A bridge to a new worldfounded by the imagination of a dreamerForged with courage ~ Traversed by Greatness an everlasting connection between our nations Italy and America ~ Brethren forever together may we sail ? ? ? ? ? - Joseph C. DeFilippi
New Jersey CentralJersey Central Lines Honoringthe employees ofthe Central Railroadof New Jersey1849 - 1976 Dedicated by the Central Railroad of New Jersey Veteran Employees Association