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Birthplace ofAdmiral FarragutBorn July 5th 1801 Erected byBonny Kate ChapterD. A. R. Knoxville Dedicated byAdmiral DeweyMay 15th 1900
-1863- · One of sixteen Union Army earthen forts and battery positions protecting Knoxville, Nov. 1863-May 1865. · Named for Capt. Jonathan C. Dickerson, 112th Illinois Mounted Infantry who was killed near Cleveland, TN on Sept…
Introduction. After defeating the Union Army of the Cumberland in the bloody battle of Chickamauga (Sep 18-20, 1863) and besieging the Federal provisions in the city of Chattanooga, Confederate Army of Tennessee Commander Gen. Braxton Bragg turned…
What Brought the Armies of the Blue and the Gray to Knoxville? Knoxville was a pro-Confederate town of some 3700 persons when Tennessee seceded from the Union in June of 1861. It was the commercial and light manufacturing center of East Tenness…
Fort Dickerson came under attack only once during the Civil War. in a prelude to the 1863 Siege of Knoxville, Federal and Confederate cavalry fought for possession of these heights. Its lofty presence, however, served as a deterrent until the end …
Fort Dickerson was one of the sixteen Federal forts and battery emplacements constructed around Knoxville during the Civil War. Temporary earthworks were thrown up here in November 1863. Designed by Capt. Orlando M. Poe, Chief Engineer of the Army…
signed by Gov. Wm. Blount and forty one Cherokee Chiefs and Warriors, on the site of the home of Gov. Blount, corner of Hill Ave. and State Street, Knoxville Tenn.July 2, 1791
Site of original Andrew Johnson Hotel constructed in 1927Restoration by Aetna Casualty & Surety Company 1985.This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Dept. of Interior
Near hereHistoric Chisholm TavernErected 1790'sSheltered many importantpioneers and explorerswho assisted in the foundingof the city of Knoxvilleand in the establishing ofthe State of Tennessee
The third courthouse of Knox County was across Main Ave. to the north from 1842-1886. There twelve Union raiders who were charged with train stealing in the 1862 Great Locomotive Chase in Georgia, were tried in 1863. One was convicted. The trial w…
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