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This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Site of the first school west of the Genesee River. Built in 1801. The first teacher was Miss Luseba Scott.
The Steeple Upon entering the village of LeRoy, one of the first sights to be seen is the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church. This was erected in 1866 following a vote by the congregation in 1854 to replace the original bell tower. Including…
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th anniversary
First settlement between Genesee River and BuffaloTavern conducted by Charles Wilbur 1793 Capt. John Ganson 1797
Here the natural water power potential of Old Buttermilk Falls determined not only the village site, but in 1803, the erection of Stoddard and Platt's Pioneer Grist Mill. In 1822 Herman Le Roy, for whom the town was named, replaced this with a muc…
Established on June 8, 1812 as the town of BellonaRenamed Le Roy in 1813First town meeting on this site April 6, 1813
Genesee County's only known French & Indian War veteranPioneer of Stone ChurchDied 1811 age 72 buried in Fort Hill Cemetery Le Roy
Founded by Marietta and Emily Ingham in 1837, as the Le Roy Female Seminary; incorporated in 1852 as the Ingham Collegiate Institute; chartered in April 28, 1857 as Ingham University with a literary college, college of fine arts, and the conservat…
On this campus Marietta and Emily Ingham of Saybrook, Connecticut, founded Le Roy Female Seminary, which became, by charter on April 28, 1857, the first university for women in the United States, granting degrees in the humanities, fine arts and m…