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Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Byron Pepper of Georgetown, Delaware Typical building of farms of the 19 and early 20 century
Built at Thompsonville De. c.1800 Operated by Thompson family from 1888-1962. Moved, repaired and reopened by the Lewes Historical Society in 1963.
​ Located with in this neighborhood, a short distance south of here, is the burial ground of the Coursey and Daisey families, members of the Nanticoke Indian tribe. The graveside is unmarked except for a family tombstone noting the site. …
Each spring, upon arrival from their Central and South American wintering grounds, Delaware beachnesters establish colonies and take part in courtship rituals. The birds lay their eggs in shallow nests scraped into the sand mostly between the dune…
The Osprey or Fish Hawk is found April through October in both salt and freshwater areas of the state. Almost as large as a Bald Eagle, the Osprey looks like a cross between a hawk and a gull. Osprey can spot fish from extreme heights. Typical…
The United States Navy's ties to Cape Henlopen spanned nearly 100 years. The Navy first came to the Cape in 1898 to build a signal tower during the Spanish American War. In the 20th century, the Navy kept a communications station he, beginning wit…
You are standing on the Great Dune, the largest sand hill between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. This is the dune's highest point, about 80 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. It took thousands of years and the actions o…
For more than 150 years, the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse guided ships into Delaware Bay on their way to the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse had its beginnings in 1761. Philadelphia merchants and ship owners were…
Zwaanendael HouseA memorial of the first settlement in Delaware by the Dutch, on Lewes CreekA.D. 1631
This stone is from Castello di Verrazano, the explorer's ancestral home in Val di Greve Chianti, Italy. He was engaged by the King of France in 1524 to lead a voyage of discovery to North America aboard his ship Dauphine. That Voyage is recognized…