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Lexington Historical Society Munroe Tavern1695 Earl Percy's HeadquartersApril 19, 1775
Built 1709Rendezvous of theMinute Menbefore theBattle of LexingtonApril 19, 1775
Minute Man National Historical Park was the starting place of the American Revolution: here the resolve of citizens willing to risk their lives for the ideals of liberty and self-determination was instrumental in the formation of the American iden…
The Historical Park ends here, but the Battle Road continues. The British column broke into a run as they approached Lexington Center. They were saved by a brigade of a thousand fresh troops, armed with two cannon. The commander, Earl Percy, or…
An increasingly ragged British column fought its way over Fiske Hill. There was intense, close quarter fighting in this area as British flankers attempted to flush out Colonial snipers. At a nearby well, Minute Man James Hayward from Acton and a B…
At this wellApril 19, 1775James Hayward of Actonmet a British soldierwho raising his gun saidYou are a dead man.And so are you, replied HaywardBoth fired. The soldierwas instantly killed& Haywood mortally wounded.
On April 19, 1775, the house before you was the home of Jacob and Esther Whittemore and their four children. Although they were not involved in the battle, local tradition tells that a British soldier was shot and killed in front of the blacksmith…
The fighting between Colonists and British troops grew more intense as the struggle along the Battle Road wore on. In this stretch between the Bluff and Fiske Hill, the British column began to fall apart. While trying to restore order to his disor…
This Bluffwas used as a rallying pointby the BritishApril 19, 1775.After a sharp fightthey retreated to Fiske Hillfrom which they were drivenin great confusion.
Line of the MinutemenApril 19,1775 Stand your groundDon't fire unless fired uponBut if they want warlet it begin here.Captain Parker