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In a house on this site lived Gregory de Rokesley eight times Mayor of London 1274 — 1281 and 1285
To the Immortal Honour of the Officers Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of London Who Served Their King and Empire In The Great War 1914   1919 This Memorial is Dedicated In Proud & Grateful Recognition By the City and County of Lo…
Wellington Erected June 18 1844 ( plaque behind the statue ) On 19th July 1838. the Court of Common Council of the City of London agreed to a contribution of £500 toward the cost of the above statue of the Duke of Wellington in appreciati…
Near this site stood the shop belonging to Thomas Faryner, the king's baker, in which the Great Fire of September 1666 began. Presented by The Worshipful Company of Bakers to mark the 500th anniversary of their charter granted by Kin…
Opposite this site stood St. Margaret Fish Street Hill Destroyed in the Great Fire 1666
Site of St. Leonard Eastcheap Destroyed in the Great Fire 1666
East India Arms The East India Company was incorporated on 31st December 1600. Queen Elizabeth I signed the Charter creating 'The Company of Merchants of London Trading to the East Indies'. Over 200 subscribers raised almost £70,000 — …
In the Roadway opposite stood St Gabriel Fenchurch Destroyed in the Great Fire 1666
In 1691, Sir Christopher Wren designed for Queen Mary II a terrace overlooking the Thames in front of the old river wall of Whitehall Palace built by Henry VIII. This terrace projecting about 70 feet into the bed of the river, was about 280 feet…
In Affectionate Remembrance of the Late George Sparkes Of Bromley in Kent Formerly Judge at Madras In the East India Company's Civil Service A great and Good Man Gifted with Every Refined Feeling And Much Esteemed by All Who Knew Him Died …
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