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Henry Irving was the first actor to be knighted (1895). From 1878 - 1902 he managed the Lyceum Theatre. Whilst working at the Lyceum as Irving's acting manager, Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. This plaque was unveiled by Ian Mckellen (KBE 1988)…
George Bernard Shaw lived in this house from 1897 to 1898 ———————— From the coffers of his genius he enriched the world
The square is in Bloomsbury, the medical and academic quarter of London with its historical architecture, noteworthy monuments, special literary interests and international peace associations. Once part of the estate of the Dukes of Bedford and ow…
Virginia Stephen (Virginia Woolf) 1882-1941 Novelist and Critic lived here 1907-1911
Brunswick Square Gardens were laid out in 1796 as part of the Foundling Hospital Estate. The main building of the hospital for children who could not be brought up by their natural parents had been built in 1745 on the site of modern-day Coram's F…
Site of Cooks Hall Destroyed by Fire 1771
Site of Grey Friars Monastery 1225-1538
Dr Samuel Johnson Author. ———— Lived here. ———— B · 1709. D · 1784.
Site of Christ's Hospital 1552-1902
To the glory of God and in memory of those once scholars of this school who gave their lives for King & Country in the Great War 1914-1918 Let thy perpetual light shine upon them O Lord
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