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Roaring MegRoaring Meg is the most famous of the city's cannon. She weighs a mighty 1794 kilograms. The Fishmongers' Company of London presented her to the city in 1642. She saw action in the 1689 siege, probably from this bastion. It could take u…
The city has always expressed its soul in verse. Derry mine! My small oak groveLittle cell, my home, my love!Attributed to St. Colmcille The saint's story is told as St Columb in the Cathedral and as St Colmcille in Long Tower Church. The…
[Keyed photo of Double Bastion overlook] 1. Lumen Christi College - co-educational school on the site of Bishop Hervey's casino. 2. The Windmill - the stump of the building fought over during the 1689 siege. 3. St Columba's, Long Tower - …
Livery Companies of theCity of LondonDemi-culverin (G1)Bore 4-5" - Length 108"Weight 3333lb Sent to the city in May-June 1642 by the Worshipful Company of Vintners.Probably cast by John Browne at one of his works in Kent.
The Former First Derry Primary School was established on the city walls as a Blue Coat School in 1773 and moved to this site in 1894. The (listed) building was purchased in 1996 and then renovated by the Verbal Arts Centre: it has been designed to…
Playwrightattended the Free Schoolnear this site