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In proud and loving memory of I.N.L.A. Volunteer Colm Mc NuttKilled in Action 12th Decembert 1977 Comrade Patrick "Hessy" PhelanMurdered in New York, 21st January 1996 Comrade Dermot "Tonto" Mc ShaneMurdered by British Army, 13th July 199…
[Side A]On 12 August 1969, as the Apprentice Boys Parade passed the edge of the Bogside, nationalists clashed with parade followers and police. The police and loyalists followed the nationalists back into the Bogside, where defences had been prepa…
This mural shows a dove and an oak leaf, as symbols of hope for the city's future. The dove is the name of St Columba, the city's founder, who is said to have built his monastery in an oak grove. The background mosaic of the colours of the spectru…