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Annette McGaviganAged 14Shot dead by the British Army6 September 1971———————Here the innocence of a child's world contrasts vividly with the chaotic violence with which others have surrounded her. The mura…
If 'stones could speak', what a story they would have to tell. Their voices still echo on the walls and in the city streets. According to tradition St. Colm Cille chose the oak grove on top of the hill for his monastery in 546 AD. His community…
This was one of the four original 17th century gates to the city. It had a watch tower, battlements and a portcullis. The carvings on the outside of the present gate, built between 1803-5, celebrate the city's wealth. The cornucopia is a symbol of…
In memory of all those from andwithin the city and districtwho have lost their livesas a result of war and conflict In Memory of all thosekilled by weapon systemsproduced within thisCity & District
Near this spot was landed the body ofMichael BrowningMaster of the shipMountjoyof Londonderry - killed in action at the breaking of the boom, July 28th 1689.o.s. while leading the van of the relieving squadron against the forces of James II & Loui…