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1861 - 1865 Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty This tablet dedicated to the G.A.R. Post 161 by the Anna Etheridge Tent No. 58 Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War 1934
[Panel #3] This Veterans Memorial is Dedicated by the Employees of McDonnell Douglas Corporation to Honor the Sacrifices of the Men and Women who Have Served Our Nation in War and Peace. More than 12,000 McDonnell Douglas Corporation Employees…
Early Years 1892 - 1938 Mr. Douglas was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1892, the son of a bank cashier. His early interest in aviation was sparked by observing an Orville Wright flight in 1908. he attended the U.S. Naval Academy and then became the firs…
Cañon que pertenecio a las defensas del Puerto de Valparaiso año 1847 - Valparaiso 4.7.1976 "Canon that belonged to the defenses of the Port of Valparaiso year 1847 - Valparaiso 4.7.1976"
(There are two markers with identical text) These two concrete pads are the remains of a gun battery, known as JAAN-2 (Joint Army And Navy), that was in operation during World War II. Established as part of the Harbor Defense of Los Angeles after…
Designed by architect Harvey Lochridge for Fred Markwell in 1914, but not constructred until 1919, the Jergins Building was originally named after Markwell. Built in the Beaux-Arts style, the six story structure contained a theater and offices. In…
William Erwin Willmore who was in this area in 1870 visualized a town would be built here. In 1882 this materialized as Willmore City; becoming the City of Long Beach in 1888. November 16, 1963 Native Sons of the Golden West Long Beach Parlor #…
This plaque was dedicated on the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of theLong Beach-Yokkaichi Sister City Association to honor the citizens of both citieswho are dedicated to peach through personal diplomacy.November 8, 2013Bob FosterMayor, Ci…
Recreation Park was acquired in 1923, and this speaker's stand was dedicated in 1929. The building was used as the location for many important community events such as all-state picnics, drama festivals, band concerts, school graduations, and the …
Modeled after English Gothic churches, this is the third church on the site where the Long Beach United Presbyterian congregation was founded in 1906. The sanctuary has beautiful woodwork and stained glass.