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Who for twenty winters carriedthe mail over the mountains to isolated camps, rescuing the lost and giving succorto those in need along the way. Born 1827 Died 1876
This fountain is a Memorial to the Gallant Pioneers of '49 of whom Daniel O. McCarthy, patriot, miner, leader, was an outstanding example.He was born [in] Raleigh, N.C., August 24, 1830.Died Los Angeles, August 13, 1919.Through his newspaper "…
Soldier, explorer and discoverer of the overland route from Sonora, Mexico to California. Leader of the first Spanish settlers who came through San Carlos Pass December 1775 on their way to Monterey.Done for the love of California
Spring Street In Northern California, they panned gold in the mountain canyons. In Southern California, they made gold, in the concrete canyons of Spring Street.
Paris Exposition Like the jewel-box that it is, the Oviatt Building husbands its treasures within its walls... yet even casual passerby can get a hint of the gorgeousness inside, from just a glimpse of the nymph-crowned gates, of the overhead mar…
Mining Tycoon L. Bradbury Makes His Mark His name endures in the eponymous town of wealth and horseflesh set against the San Gabriel Mountains, but mining tycoon Louis Bradbury made his loveliest mark on Southern California with the magnificent…
For nearly a century, the San Antonio Winery has been the heart of winemaking culture in Los Angeles. The winery's founder Santo Cambianica left his home, Berzo San Fermo, in Lombardy, Italy in 1910. Then in 1917 he founded his company on the orig…
To honor her last wish, renowned performer. Academy Award 1939 Gone With The Wind. "Aunt Hattie, you are a credit to your craft, your race, and to your family" Edgar Goff
Opened as the Warner Brothers Theatre on January 20, 1931, it was designed by architect B. Marcus Priteca and interior designer Anthony B. Heinsbergen and was the first sound-equipped theater in the South Bay. Jack Warner called it "The castle of …
Built in 1927 by a group of celebrities that included Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Louis B. Mayer. Site of the first Academy Awards in 1929. A hideaway for Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. Marilyn Monroe did her first commerical shoot by the…
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