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(front) Near This Spot
 Andrew Campbell, feeling the cool air of newly found natural wonder Luray Caverns, is shown here very shortly after this "discovery of the century" was made. 
Photo was most likely taken by co-discoverer Bento…
"The greatest single feature is a possible sky-line drive along the mountain top. . .Few scenic drives in the world could surpass it." —Southern Appalachian National Park Committee, 1931 By 1929, more than 23 million passenger car…
During the 1800's farmer's took everything from a from a simple hoe to a thresher "snorting black smoke" into the fields in pursuit of better harvest. Machines were run by hand, by oxen or horses, and finally by steam engine…
During the Civil War, this gap in the Blue Ridge was of significant tactical importance for the movement of troops, artillery, and supply wagons. The Thornton's Gap Turnpike, a macadamized (hard-surfaced) road, passed through the gap and linked Lu…
In late 1935, when Shenandoah National Park was officially established, 465 families remained on the land, most with no plans for relocation.The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Resettlement Administration was tapped to help. The government alloca…
Stony Man, the old man in the mountain, is a Shenandoah National Park icon. It only takes a little imagination to see the profile of a man's face in the mountain from here. Stony Man has lent his name to a summit, an overlook, a hike, a camp resor…
Died 1764. A Pioneer and Christian father, who with his wife and six of his thirteen children, was a victim of the last Indian massacre in Page County.
This trail intersection ishighest point of theAppalachian Trail inShenandoah National Park.Elevation 3837
Near this spot, on July 18, 1931, the ground-breaking ceremony for the Skyline Drive was conducted. This act began the eight-year construction of the 105-mile-long scenic roadway, which now stretches from Front Royal to Waynesboro, Virginia.
During the 1930's, CCC Camp NP-10, Company 375, was placed ? mile, to the south of this point.