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The unsung and frequently unappreciated heroes of the Confederacy were the Southern women who worked in hospitals. Mrs. Lucy Mina Otey, age 60 and a recent widow who eventually lost three sons in the Civil War, formed a corps of 500 Lynchburg wome…
Lynchburg was known as "Tobacco Town" before the Civil War, with its 70 thriving tobacco businesses and numerous warehouses. It was also a railroad hub, the terminus of three railroads. Early in the Civil War, many of the warehouses were converted…
Near this spot on the afternoon of August 16, 1830, John M. Jones was hanged in Lynchburg's first public execution. In May of 1829, Jones, A Lynchburg slaveowner, had killed George Hamilton on the James River waterfront in a dispute over Jones's l…
Site of Lynchburg'sPest House Constructed circa 1840 Served asConfederate Quarantine Hospital1861 - 1865 Demolished 1880
Site of theCivil WarQuartermaster'sGlanders Stable1863 - 1864 Importantearly medical researchwas conducted here onConfederate cavalry horsesaffected by the"Great Glanders Epizootic"
This chapel was modeled after the 1880 Ivy Chapel Union Church in Bedford County. Most of the construction materials and furnishings were salvaged from the demolition of the c. 1870 Hermon Methodist Church at Oakville in Appomattox County. The bel…
This 1840's white frame building was the medical office of Dr. John Jay Terrell. It was moved here in 1987 from Rock Castle Farm in Campbell County and has been restored to recreate medical science in the era of 1860 to 1900. These exhibits repres…
This museum tells the story of the care of the cemetery's grounds and gravemarkers over the past 200 years. On display is an elegant horse-drawn hearse used by Lynchburg's W.D. Diuguid Funeral Directors in the late 1800's and early 1900's. A simpl…
This Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station was in use at Stapleton in Amherst County, Virginia, from 1898 until 1937. It is the only remaining C&O "Standard Station" of its size and style. In 1999-2001 the badly-deteriorated Station was dismantled …
During the 1940's through early 1960's Dr. R. Walter Johnson trained aspiring, black, tennis hopefuls on this site. Among these were Althea Gibson & Arthur Ashe.
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