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It is 1880 and you are riding on a packet boat through Lyons, New York; as you pass and through Lock 55 the air is thick with the smell of peppermint oil having just been loaded for shipment by the Hotchkiss Building. Your packet boat just turned …
Taylor Memorial Park Gift to the Village of Lyons in memory of William Taylor 1844-1918 by his son Myron C. Taylor 1932
Mildred Taylor 1905-1981. Member of NYS Assemby from 1946-1960. First woman appointed to Assembly Ways and Means Committee.
Air Force Gratefully dedicated to the lasting memory of all the men and women of the village and town of Lyons who have served honorably in the armed forces of the United States of America in peace and war. Army Navy POW★MIA You are not forg…
Naming of Lyons About 1795 near this spot the river-view resembling that of Lyons, France, led Charles Williamson to rename "The Forks" settlement - Lyons.
ER Veteran's Memorial Station of Heroes with profound respect from a grateful community to our brave veterans who served our nation in war. Maintained by ER American Legion Post ER Veterans of Foreign Wars People of ER Special Acknowledgement Sena…