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What is a "Living Shoreline?" A natural shoreline with a gradual transition between the bank and water's edge. Typically, planted with native (plants common to the local area) trees, shrubs and grasses - living shorelines do not end abrubtly at wa…
In memory of all who served in thetwo World Wars and in unforgettingremembrance of those who gavetheir lives for our country
The first school at this location, built around 1875, was a single story, one-room plan frame building that served the Sharptown District for over forty years. Built in 1919 to replace the first school, this two-story, hip roofed frame structure w…
Built in 1919 under the Rosenwald School building program, a major effort to improve public education for African Americans in the early 20th century south. First administered by Tuskegee Institute under Booker T. Washington, the program combined …
Young's Purchase Home 1724. Gravenor-English School 1857. Presented by Maryland Society, John Waller Chapter, National Society, Colonial Dames XVII Century.
This stone honors the memory of all the Native Americans alledged to be buried in this sacred ground.
This stone was one of many brought to America about 1767 to mark the boundary between Maryland and Delaware, then part of Pennsylvania. This one, never used, later was found and kept safe. In 2005 it was donated to Westside Historical Society by M…