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This home was built in 1894 by Samuel L. Allen, inventor of the Flexible Flyer sled and the Planet Junior Plow. In 1920 it was purchased and refurbished by Eldridge R. Johnson, founder and president of the Victor Talking Machine Company, forerunn…
John Cox bought this tavern in 1745. He was town clerk from 1748 to 1791. Town meetings were held here until 1812 when the Town Hall was built. It was the home of the stagecoach line to Camden from 1835 to 1850 and a stop of the Mt. Holly stage. I…
1682-Settled by Friends; 1698-Founded as Chester Township; 1700-Recognized as business and cultural center of area; 1778-British Officers lodged here;1802-Named Moorestown in honor of Thomas Moore Tavern Keeper; 1812-Present town hall erected.
Built by Thomas Moore in 1734 it was the towns first tavern. It was a two story frame building with two rooms on each floor. The building was demolished in 1878. The town of Moorestown derived its name from Thomas Moore who died July 30th, 1760.
Five hundred feet down the hill was a spring of clear, cold water around which the Indians camped before the coming of the white man. It was also near this spring that the first white settlers built their log cabins and started the community o…
Oldest portion built byJoshua BortonCirca 1800 Owners: Gilbert Page, General Store & PO.3rd Postmaster ? 1813 - 1839Ebenezer Roberts ? Late 1800.
Oldest portion builtby Joshua BisphamCirca 1735
Oldest center portion c. 1738, with later additions 1760's,the Smith Mansion and 160 acre farm,which hosted Lafayette during the American Revolution,was also raided by Hessian troops. Presented 19 October 2000The Rancocas Valley ChapterNational…
Built as a tavern about 1800, it became known in 1846 as the William Penn Hotel. C.C. & B.F. Coles purchased it in 1859 changing the name to Coles Hotel in 1890. Many important persons stopped here. It was also the home of the Camden-Moorestown St…
Front part built in 1812. Rear section with a stage added in 1859 and a jail at east rear corner in 1876.It was the town center for political meetings, lectures, suppers, fairs, flower shows and early silent movies. First police station located he…