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On this sacred spot for 260 years stood the majestic white oak tree known as the Witness Tree. Despite preservation efforts, the tree succumbed to old age and was solemnly removed on June 3, 1991. Its memory symbolizes the patriotism and love of f…
Beneath this Witness Tree a new born patriotism found notable expressionOn a Sunday morning in September 1777 an express rider came to tell the congregation of Donegal Church that the British army under Lord Howe had left New York to invade Pennsy…
Gateway Panel 1Founded prior to 1721-Gateway erected by the Donegal Society in honor of it's World War Veterans. Gateway Panel 2In memory of the Sons of the Donegal Society who gave their lives in the World War 1914-1918Lieut. Alexander Rogers,…
Founded prior to 1721 by settlers from the north of IrelandFirst Church built of logsPresent building erected in 1740 patent granted by John Thomas and Richard Penn June 4, 1740. Presbytery of Donegal organized in this church October 11, 1732 Mem…
First commercial telegraph line in the U.S. ran along this railroad right-of-way. Completed from Lancaster to Harrisburg, 1845. The first message, "Why don't you write, you rascals?", was received, Jan. 8, 1846.