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Maryland's Appalachian Region Offers Visitors Natural Splendor And Outdoor Adventure, Plus Countless Opportunities To Explore The Region's Rich Heritage—all Just A Few Miles Off Interstate 70. Maryland Byways, like the Historic National R…
Crisscrossed By Transportation Routes, Home To America's Earliest Industries, And Meeting Place For National Leaders, Maryland's Appalachian Region Has Been Pivotal In The Growth Of The Country Throughout its history, the nation has struggled w…
When The Civil War Broke Out In 1861 And Divided The Nation, Maryland Was On The Conflict's Pivotal Border Between North And South, And Braced Itself For War. Battles fought on Maryland's soil were critical to the defense of the nation's ca…
parallels Interstate 70, connecting western settlements across the Appalachian Mountains with eastern ports since 1806.
Freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad crossed the Potomac River and traveled north through these mountains to reach freedom's border—the Mason and Dixon Line.
Washington County features 24 graceful stone-arch bridges. Burnside Bridge was a major site of Civil War action.
The Battle of Antietam, fought fourteen miles from here on September 17, 1862, was a pivotal Union victory, encouraging President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.
Nearby is Camp David, a presidential retreat since Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, where leaders meet and make crucial decisions that shape our nation and world.
The 184-mile C&O Canal, where mule-drawn barges once lumbered alongside the Potomac River, provides a serene waterway for paddling and a towpath for hiking, biking and horseback riding.
Many of the early settlers of Myersville were farmers of German and English descent who saw the area as a place to establish themselves and continue the farming traditions they brought with them. From this fertile wilderness they carved out far…