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New London was founded in 1646 by John Winthrop, the younger, who chose this shore-ringed "plantation" for its excellent harbor. This land, with its great natural assets, attracted men of hardihood and valor and became one of the largest w…
New London Landmarks Preservation Award 1801 Richard Douglass House National Landmark
This monument marks the site of the largest United States Maritime Service Officers School during the course of events leading up to and including World War II. During this period 15,000 Maritime Service Officers were graduated and went forth …
Boyhood home of Eugene O'Neill, America's most renowned playwright and setting for his masterpieces ?Ah, Wilderness' and ?Long Day's Journey Into Night". O'Neill won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1936. This site possesses exceptional value i…
On this site, September 30, 1858, Police Court Judge Augustus H. Brandegee and Customs Collector John Perkings Mather freed a stowaway slave known as "Joe" by applying Connecticut's Personal Liberty Law against the federal Fugitive Slave Act. Judg…
On this site, August 29. 1839, federal investigative inquiry indicted 38 enslaved Mende Africans accused of revolt on the high seas and murder of the Captain and cook of the Spanish slave ship Amistad which was captured and brought into New London…
In memory ofJonathan Brooks1768 - 1848A boy patriot of the AmericanRevolution
[ Left Plaque : ] Korean ConflictThis memorialisdedicatedto those who served.Whenthe call of their country was heard,self was forgotten.Their deeds and effortsshallnever be forgotten. [ Right Plaque : ] Vietnam ConflictThis memorialisdedicatedt…
Dedicated tothe memory ofthe Whalemenof the Portof New London
Gratefully dedicated to those who gave their lives in the service of our country in order to preserve its ideals of liberty and democracy1961