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U.S. army officer, Joseph G. Totten superintended the construction of Fort Adams beginning in 1825. He oversaw all details of construction until 1838, when he was appointed as the first Chief Engineer of the newly created Army Corps of Engineers.[…
During the late 19th century the Southwest battery was the advanced position for directing fire against the enemy's warships. It was here that the giant Rodman cannons hurled their massive 15' projectiles, each weighing over 300 pounds, to a range…
Think about how difficult a land attack against Fort Adams would be. First, you would have to capture the Redoubt, located a quarter mile to the south. You would then have to charge up the sloping glacis to the Southern front. Finally, you would h…
The Fast Passage provides easy entry to Narragansett Bay. So in wartime, an enemy fleet could have sailed right into Newport, with cannons blazing! To answer this potential threat, Fort Adams focused its firepower here on the west wall. Top tie…
I did not have far or long to look, because, being the junior officer of the garrison I could displace no other, and besides, there was but one casemate available for me to choose from . . . ? A good sweeping and a little glazing of broken windows…
During the 19th century, Newport was the only deep water harbor between New York and Boston which could serve as a base for a large fleet of warships. Fort Adams was located at a crucial point where it could prevent the entry of enemy warships int…
Imagine this twenty acre fort filled to capacity: 2,400 soldiers here to defend Newport with 468 cannon sited along the most probable attack routes. Though designed to house an imposing force, Fort Adams was normally garrisoned with several hun…
Home ofQuaker Tom Robinsonand his descendantssince 1759.Headquarters ofVicomte de Noailles, 1780-81
French Navy ArtilleryHeadquarters ? 1780 - 1781
"America's Oldest Tavern"Yearly gathering place of themembers of the Colonial Legislature