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Starting here at sunrise, Sept. 19, 1737, Marshall, Yeates, and Jennings set out on the "Indian Walk." In one and a half days, Edward Marshall reached a point beyond present Mauch Chunk, some 65 miles to the north and west.
The First National Bank and Trust Company of Newtown was first organized in 1864 and operated out of a room in the Paxson-Croasdale Building, located at 2-4 South State Street. By the spring of 1868, the bank bought property from the county and mo…
In 1684, William Penn planned his new town, which was later called Newtown. About 30 acres, on both sides of Newtown Creek, were reserved for common use. The town was designed to resemble an open fan of lots surrounding a narrow, rectangular town …
On April 16, 1838, the village of Newtown received its own municipal identity, distinct from that of Newtown Township, when it was formally chartered as a borough by the Pennsylvania Legislature. In 1854, the Borough approved the plans to build…
Prior to 1750, there existed a dwelling on this site, 1 East Washington Avenue, which had been built by Shadrach Walley, Newtown's first settler. Amos Strickland, a farmer and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, bought the property in 1760. In 1763, h…
The Croasdale building, located at 2-4 South State Street, was built in 1853. This building was the center of Newtown's commercial activities, housing dry goods stores, the First National Bank and several lodges. During the Civil War, the front of…
Although some historians believe there may have been a tavern at this location fifty years earlier, Andrew and Nancy McMinn built the first part of the Temperance House, located at 5 South State Street, circa 1772. Part of the building was used as…
The buildings at 35 South State Street are situated on the tract of land on which the three main public buildings in Newtown were erected in 1726 when Newtown became the County Seat (Jail Keeper's House & Records Office, Jail, Court House). The or…
Dedicated to those Americansof All Wars,who loved freedom more thanfame, and liberty more than life. [Dedicated] Memorial Day 1964
This colonial inn, built 1768by Anthony Siddons,became headquarters ofthe American GeneralWilliam Alexander,"Lord Stirling,"after the battle of TrentonDecember 26, 1776