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[ left plaque ] Korea1950 ? ? 1953Anstett, John W. · Barbour, Frederick S. · Bazzano, John C. · Beecher, Casil W., Jr. · Bennett, James A. · Blatz, William A. · Bruey, Lyle D. · Capocefalo, John A.,…
[ west face ] To The Memory Of TheSoldiers From This TownWho Died For Their CountryIn The War Of The RebellionAdjt. Samuel C. Barnum ? Died June 15, 1864.Lieut. Hiram D. Gaylord ? Nov. 18, 1863Corp. Theodore S. Bates ? Sept. 17, 1862.Corp. Damon …
[ front ]NorfolkIn the heart of the Green Woods on what was later the Hartford-Albany Turnpike, Norfolk was settled in 1744 by Cornelius Brown of Windsor. The town was incorporated in 1758 with forty-four voters at the first town meeting. A meetin…
Built 1840 forThe Norfolk Academylater used as the Town Hall & JailSince 1960The Norfolk HistoricalMuseum
[ south plaque ]1917 The World War 1918In honor of those who gave and thosewho offered their lives for libertythe people of Norfolk have builtthis monument and crowned it withThe Liberty Bellin the faith that it will ring theknell of warand procla…
1806Built By Michael F. Mills————————Later the Home OfRev. Ralph EmersonSecond Pastor of The Church1816 - 1829