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Captain David Payne and his Boomers defied federal authorities to attempt settlement in the Unassigned Lands. From the 1830s onward, most of present-day Oklahoma was reserved for Native Americans who had been forcibly relocated from their ances…
First FlagRoyal Standard of SpainCoronado's Expedition1541 Second FlagGreat Union of Great BritainCarolina Land GrantIncluded Oklahoma1663 Third FlagRoyal Standard of FranceLaSalle Claimed the TerritoryDrained by the Mississippi1682 Fourt…
This building, first opened on Easter Sunday 1904, became the Episcopal Cathedral in 1908. The congregation dates from 1893.
Erected in 1910 as Oklahoma High School, at that time the city's only high school, this Gothic style building was a source of great civic pride. Many future leaders were educated here.
April 19, 1995The grateful citizens of Oklahoma hereby express their gratitude to all Protective and Rescue Personnel, who amid death, danger, darkness and depression, rendered superb service above and beyond the call of duty. They were firemen, l…
Nineteen Little Boys And Girls Killed In The OKC Bombing April 19, 1995 "He took them up in his arms...."Mark 10:16 (KJV) Painting: Alice Murray
This American Elm was surrounded by a parking lot filled with burning vehicles on April 19, 1995. It survived the impact of the explosion and became known as the Survivor Tree, an important symbol of resilience to the family members of those kille…
Team 54-19-95We Search For the truthWe Seek Justice.The Courts Require it.The Victims Cry for it.And God Demands it! A Rescue Worker originally painted the message on this wall during search and recovery efforts in April 1995. The building on w…
The south wall of the Journal Record Building directly faced the blast's impact and was heavily damaged by the April 19, 1995 bombing. Parts of the south wall were separated from the floor beams, and the arched section of the building's roof was l…
Before April 19, 1995, the two-block area between NW 4th and 6th Streets and Robinson and Harvey Avenues served as the northern edge of the downtown core. This area was a workplace to hundreds of people. 5th Street ran through the area where th…