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In deep appreciation of those who had the foresight to plan, design, and construct the Oroville Dam Project and to those who have been operating and maintaining it for the State Water Project and the people of California. Since its inception, t…
A memorial to those whose burial places inBidwell Bar CemeteryEnterprise CemeteryAnd six family plotswere moved to make way for the rising waters ofOroville Reservoir
In Veneration of theEarly Day Pioneer MinersOf Thompson Flat District This historical monument and area marks their burial site dating from 1849 to about 1880. Names unknown. Dedicated November 12, 1972byThe Cemetery Board of TrusteesTommy …
Site of Gold Rush settlements Long's Bar, Adamstown, White Rock, and nearby Banner Mine. Sam Neal discovered gold here in 1848. First Christian and Masonic observances in Butte County held here 1849. First county ferry franchise, 1850.
In memory ofJames D. Braseltonhis wifeAnna C. Braseltonand their familyThe erection of this historical monumentmarking the site of their home here atGarden Ranch built in 1887 and the Braselton Room in the Oroville Museumwas made possible by their…
Randall & McDermott1855B.S.A. Troop 29(Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976)
Original SiteFirst Liberty PoleIn The West1857Bicentennial Replica Dedicated200th Anniversary of OldGlory, June 14, 1977.Oroville Heritage Council(Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976)
Built 1855Restored 1976 byAerie No. 196 - FraternalOrder of Eagles, Oroville(Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976)
McWilliams & Tymeson1855Wells Fargo & CompanyExpress AgentsFirst Brick Bldg in OrovilleFraternal Order of Eagles No. 196(Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976)
attacked La Port (sic) - Oroville stage here, July 13, 1888. Frank N. Morse, driver, was repulsed by George Hackett, armed messenger for Wells Fargo Express. Twenty eight stage hold-ups in California 1875-1883 are credited to Black Bart, lone and …