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[Panel 1:] John HansonHonored Patriot of the American Revolution[Picture of John Hanson and Seal of the "Sons of the American Revolution"] [Panel 2:]Born 3 April, 1721, Mullberry Grove, Charles Co., MD.Died 15 November 1783 at the original Oxon…
President of the United States in Congress Assembled, 1781-2, died November 15, 1783 at "Oxon Hill" 1½ miles west of here. The original mansion house, built by the Addison family, was burned February 6, 1895.
Saint Lorenzo RuizFirst Filipino SaintBorn: Binondo, Manila, Philippines, 1600[?]Died for the Faith: Nagasaki, Japan, 1637—Spirit of the Living God Charismatic Community, Filipino Ministry and St. Columba Parish. Dedicated, November 1, 2003S…
You're now standing in the cove protected by Rosalie Island, the point of first landfall for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Maryland. Rosalie Island is actually not an island at all-it is a peninsula. Indeed it is not even a natural landform. The "i…
[Center Panel]This bridge is named in honor of Woodrow Wilson. An early automobile enthusiast, he reportedly spent an average of two hours per day riding in his automobile to relax and "loosen his mind from the problems before him." In 1916, he…