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This copper beech, also called a purple beech, was planted by the Roosevelt family about 1895. Its leaves go through several color changes as the season progresses; they appear each Spring as a light copper color, turning purple by June and finall…
In 1901 the building that stood here (later destroyed by fire in 1944) housed the family's five riding horses. Each stall had the horse's name above it. Work horses were kept farther away at the barn. The grooms lived here on the second floor.
This building was used to store firewood and tools which were indispensable for keeping the farm and equipment in good repair.
It was an informal garden, used to supply fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers for the house. It occupied the area around where you now stand, and out beyond the present road.
Occasionally there would be a mournful procession of parents and children to the small animal cemetery to lay away a family pet.[ Sidebar: ]Animals Buried HereDOGS ? ? ? ? ? ? HORSESSusan ? ? ? ? ? ? Little Texas? ? ? Jessie ? ? (T. Roosevelt's h…
In its many area devoted to different activities, this estate reflected the energy and diverse interest of its owner. A series of markers identifies each of the buildings or features of the estate explaining their use.
In Roosevelt's day, fields of timothy and corn ran downhill from here to an early 19th-century hay barn - the scene of childhood games. You could look left across a quarter mile of pasture to the old apple orchard and the woods. The crack of rifle…
Built to Mr. Roosevelt's specifications for $16,975 it was completed in 1885. It had twenty-two rooms, which were often filled in the years that followed, since the growing family seemed always to be augmented by visiting friends and relatives, as…
Theodore Roosevelt's new home crowned a treeless hill that sloped down to the water on three sides. Across their lawn the family could watch ferryboats plying Long Island Sound. Roosevelt planted shade trees around the home, but cut down other tre…
Most maintenance and repair work was done by those who ran this farm. This required a variety of tools as well as the diverse skills to use them well.