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This small building held the ice that was cut each winter from the surface of nearby ponds, hauled here and covered with sawdust to insulate it against summer heat. Ice was taken from it as needed and kept in a large icebox in the butler's pantry.
Water was pumped for the house by wind power. The windmill structure also offered a challenge to small gymnasts in the family who loved to clamber about it.
Visiting the President's family could mean a ride up the winding carriage road. First, your horse puffed up narrow switchbacks under an arch of oak and maple. Then the road broke free of the woods, the grand house came in view, and you could trot …
This section of porch with no railing served as a convenient platform for mounting horses and entering carriages.
It was on this piazza that Teddy Roosevelt was notified of his nomination for Governor of New York in 1898, for Vice President in 1900, and for President in 1904. He had the railing removed here to address more effectively groups gathered on the l…
For 50 years, the look of Sagamore Hill changed little. Then in 1938, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., the President's eldest son, built this Georgian home here on four acres of the farm's old apple orchard. The house is now open to visitors as a museum o…
In honored memory ofTheodore RooseveltScout Commissioner ? ? 1917-1919Nassau County CouncilBoy Scouts of America Dedicated byThe Scouts of Nassau CountyJune 14, 1953
Cast from the original 1922 moldCreated by sculptorAlexander Phimister Proctor1860 - 1950 DedicatedOctober 29, 2005as theCentennial Projectof theRotary Club of Oyster Bay Re-dedicated on this siteby theT.R. Statue FundOctober 30, 2010 [ L…
To the memoryof thosefrom Oyster Baywho gave their livesin the serviceof their countryin theWorld War1917 - 1918———————-Let those who come aftersee that these men shallnot be forgotten. Nicolas AbbatiFr…
From this spot the cortege proceeded up the steps on your left to his final resting place on the hill overlooking the bay. "In the long fight for righteousness the watchword for all of us is spend and be spent."? ? ? ? ? Theodore Roosevelt