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Named for the Honorable Alice (Dolly) McNutt. Member Kentucky House of Representatives, 1976~86. Mayor City of Paducah, 172~76; City Commissioner, 1968~70. Renowned for her outstanding ability as a public speaker. Respected for her high standards …
1825~First courthouse built of logs at Wilmington1832~County seat moved to Paducah.1861~First courthouse at this site, then at edge of town.1943~Present building occupied. Marker presented by McCracken Co. Civic Beautification Board
"You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined."458,151Erected in Honor of The Veterans of the Spanish~American War
Here for six years presided William Sutton Bishop, the famed Judge Priest of Irvin S. Cobb's stories. Judge Bishop, 1839~1902, was First District Circuit Court Judge from 1891 to 1897. Served in 7th Ky. Conf. Inf. "This was a man." Paducah Bar Assn.
Grace Church was organized in 1848 in the home of Adam Rankin Hickman. First structure, built of lumber cut in Louisville and floated downstream, was located on riverfront near Market Street. Consecrated on April 21, 1851. During Civil War Propert…
Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, soldier and rail builder, lived here, 1852~61. Born, Maryland, 1816. Graduated West Point, 1836. In the Mexican War (1846~48).Chief engineer, 1855~56, New Orleans and Jackson Railroad, first to enter Paducah. In Civil War join…
Paducah's oldest institution. Founded 1832. First edifice erected 1842 on northwest corner Broadway at 4th. Relocated 1875 on southwest corner Broadway at 7th. Moved to present site 1896. Destroyed by fire 1929; rebuilt 1930. Judge Wm. Sutton Bish…
Irving Shrewsbury Cobb, 1876-1944.One of Paducah's famous sons. "A first~class humorist from a conversational gesture to a book wit who made all the world laugh with him."Author of more than sixty books, short story writer, recipient of O'Henry Aw…
Alben W. Barkley, Congressman, U.S. Senator and Vice President, began practice of law here, 1901. He had read law for two years in offices of Rep. Charles K. Wheeler and Judge Wm. Sutton Bishop, the old Judge Priest of Irvin Cobb's stories. Barkle…
Here stood the headquarters of Col. Stephen G. Hicks, commander of the USA occupation forces here during Battle of Paducah March 25, 1864. Next day Col. Hicks ordered sixty private homes that had been used by CSA forces as cover near the fort burn…