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1942 Rose Bowl. . The 1942 Rose Bowl was the 28th Rose Bowl Game. Originally scheduled to be played in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, it was moved to Durham, North Carolina, due to the fears of an attack on the West Coast of the Un…
Left Panel: This was once the site of Throop Hall, named after the founder of Throop University, Amos G. Throop. Throop University was founded in 1891 and became the California Institute of Technology in 1920. Built in 1910, Throop Hall was the fi…
In memory of Alfred Henry Sturtevant, Geneticist and Naturalist, Professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology from 1928 to 1970. These iris resulted from genetic studies he made between 1952 and 1969.
Arnold O. Beckman developed the first commercially successful electronic pH meter while a member of the faculty of the California Institute of Technology. This rugged and portable "acidimeter," which had all necessary components house…
Near this site, in August 1932, Carl David Anderson photographed the track of a cosmic ray particle in his cloud chamber. He identified this particle as the positron — the first known antiparticle. Historic Physics Site, Register of Histor…
Built 1905Been Placed on theNational Registerof Historic PlacesBy the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
Named for Perry P. Bonham, a plumber who occupied 45 West Colorado Boulevard in the Hugus and Bonham Block. Today, the late nineteenth-century masonry buildings are grouped behind a two-story Spanish Colonial facade. Bonham served as a police comm…
Named for the family that founded the Penn Oil and Supply Company in 1903, the First Independent Firestone and Union Oil Dealership on the West Coast. In the early 1930s, G.C. Christensen opened the largest and most modern automotive service facil…
Named for Dr. J. Carvasso Fraser, Physician for the Raymond Hotel in the 1890s. The Raymond Hotel, perhaps the finest of Pasadena's early grand resort hotels, was located on South Raymond Avenue on Raymond Hill, two miles south of Colorado Bouleva…
Named for T.E. Martin who build The Webster Hotel in 1884 at the Southwest Corner of Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. Later called The Grand Hotel, it was the scene of many social events in early Pasadena.