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Phoenix's First Catholic ChurchCity of Phoenix MonumentArizona Historical SiteNational Landmark Mother Church of Phoenix
Established 1891This fountain and building erected 1922 Charles H. BurkeCommissioner of Indian Affairs. "The Indian will become an asset or a liability as we cultivate or fail to cultivate his body, mind and soul with a view to fitting him for an …
PeaceEastlake Park has served the inhabitants of Phoenix since the late 1880's. Originally known as Patton's Park, it was developed by the Phoenix Railway Company to serve as a recreational area for patrons of the city's trolley system. The park e…
This tribute represents the spirit of the Navajo Code Talkers, a group of more than 400 U.S. Marines who bravely served their country during World War II. Their mission: to utilize the Navajo language in the creation of an unbreakable secret co…
Enter, Rest and Pray1879 St. Paul's M.E. ChurchGlobe, Arizona TerritoryReconstructed 1968ByMr. & Mrs. Andrew P. TellandThe Tell Foundation
The 1897 Smurthwaite House is an excellent example of Shingle Style Architecture. It is one of fewer than one hundred 19th century buildings of this age left in Phoenix. It was donated to the City of Phoenix Park, Recreation and Library Department…
Land that was to become the Story Neighborhood (bounded by McDowell Road, Roosevelt Street, 7th Avenue, and Grand Avenue) was purchased in 1887 and 1906 by Francis Q. Story, a horticulturist known as the "father of the Sunkist Orange." Serious dev…
* USA *Work ProgramWPAHunt Bass Hatchery Erected A.D. 1936Sponsored ByArizona StateGame DepartmentO.P. No. 65-2-544
At this sitein the Spring of 1868S. (Frenchy) SawyerBuilt the first farm dwelling and harvested the first cultivated crop (barley) in the Anglo-American occupation of the Salt River Valley. These same fertile acres had been irrigated centuries bef…
In honor ofthe Arizonans ofthe Jewish faithwho gave their livesin the serviceof our country in World War II In MemoriamSgt. Leno Off April, 1943 · Sgt. Eli Gold - Dec. 29, 1943 · Sgt. Elmer I. Rosner - July 8, 1944 · Lt. Ha…