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Pooler Station. Elevated Tent Camps. On Friday, December 9, 1864, the more than 11,000 troops of Union Major General Francis P. Blair, Jr.'s 17th Corps approached Pooler, Station No. 1 on the Central Railroad. Major General William T. Sherman noti…
Medal of Honor, Gen, US Air Force, WWII, Korea, Dec. 14, 1896 Sep 27, 1993, DSM & OLC, Silver Star
Deputy Lead, First FlightD-Day and Next 23 MissionsHarold Morrison??P ??Ty Shanley??TGShot Down On Mission 34* Dominic Yocco??RO??# Jim Moos??B# CB Murphy??CP??# Frank Wholley??N# Bill Rausch??E??# Allen Schneider??BTG# Jay Steele??RWG??# Bud Will…
?????389thBomb Group????565th???Squadron ????????In Memory of ?????"P T's Pirates"????????Lt Paul T Wilkerson, Pilot????????Lt Clyde S Sewell, Copilot????Lt Leroy S Campbell, Navigator????Lt Richard Sullivan, Bombardier????T/Sgt George C Gray,…
Presented In His Memory By The Family And Friends Of 2nd Lt Louis Howard??????? Bourgeault?????????"Our Hero"??????????1921-1997427th Sq???????303rd BGShot down by anti-aircraft guns overBerlin Germany - June 21, 1944Along with the crew of the "Ol…
93rd Bomb Group (H)WWII???8AFTed's Traveling Circus Alconbury, England In Memory Of2Lt Howard R. Gilbert, BombardierT/Sgt David C. Miller, EngineerS/Sgt John E. Collins, GunnerS/Sgt Woodrow B. Murphy, GunnerWho lost their lives on 16 October 19…
Lt Col Howard R Hinchman??PCapt Donald R Dahl?????????CPLt Col Clarence W Neumann??NCapt Robert B Williams?????BCol Ralph I Leslie?????????P??*FLt Ralph E Williams???????CP?*FLt James T Ryan???????????N??*FLt Veto A Iavecchia???????B??*MSgt Robert…
North McKenham???492nd Bomb Group???England?????????????????????????Crew 715?????The Ten Little IndiansLt Irvan Gains??P ?????T/Sgt Archie MacIntyre??ROLt Thomas Leggett??CP???S/Sgt Joyce Freeman??GLt Walter Wyatt??N?????S/Sgt Charles Egan??GLt Ch…
2nd Lt Nicholas A Constantinos445 BG??701 Sq?????KIA 5-8-44 RM3 William A ConstantinosUSS Shark II?????KIA 10-24-44
In Memory ofCapt. Alfred L. Goodman1922 - 1995 Pilot Eighth Air Force493rd Bomb Group???861st SquadronDebach, England Shot Down Over MagdenburgOn His 17th Mission12 September 1944 POW???Stalag Luft IUntil May 1945
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