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This monument, which commemorates the January 3, 1777 Battle of Princeton, depicts Liberty inspiring General Washington as he leads his troops into battle, and the death of General Hugh Mercer. The seals of the United States and the original thirt…
The area around the meeting house and along the Stony Brook river was originally the "Stony Brook Village," officially part of the town of West Windsor in Middlesex County. A majority of the original colonists that came to settle in Stony Brook we…
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired to Morristownafter his victoryat PrincetonJanuary - 1777———————Erected by theD-A-R
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired after his victory at PrincetonJanuary, 1777.Erected byCamp Middlebrook ChapterD.A.R.
World Renown Athlete, Actor, Singer, Scholar
On the occasion of the 250thanniversary of Princeton University,the area communities expressappreciation to the University forits contribution to their cultural,intellectual and economic vitality. Chamber of Commerce of the Princeton AreaSeptem…
Princeton, New JerseyJuly 1903 - July 2003Mary Harris "Mother" Joneswas a crusader for workers' rights. She led several hundred children who worked in the textile mills on a march from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to President Theodore Roosevelt's h…
From 1871 to 1965 Reunion Hall stood between West College and Stanhope. Its name commemorated the reunion of the new and old schools of the Presbyterian Church. The stars marked the rooms of studentswho gave their livesin military service durin…
I could not but think that if the great and noble men whom this institution necessarily recalls, the founders of our country, were here today, as, thanks be to God, they may be invisibly to us, what joy would fill their hearts as they saw the evid…
In the nation's service.In the service of all nations. On the occasionof its 250th anniversaryPrinceton University here recordsits gratitude to its alumnifor their devotion to the Universityand its mission of education,scholarship and service. …