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West side of the marker reads: First at BethelLast at Appomattox1861 - 1865
As a memorial to his wife Olivia Blount Cowper Raney (1861 - 1896), Richard Beverly Raney in 1899 established the Olivia Raney Library which stood on this site. His gift funded the construction and equipment of a public library that served Raleigh…
Organized as the N.C. Historical Commission in 1903; R.D.W. Connor, first secretary. Moved to this building, 1968.
Social activist; writer. Led the Baptist Woman's Missionary Union after 1892. A benefactor of present Meredith College. Lived in this house.
Revolutionary War officer; first president of State Bank, 1811 - 19. In 1825 hosted Lafayette in house that stood here.
Railroad builder and financier, Vice-president, Southern Railroad: superintendent, North Carolina Railroad. Home is here.
Official residence, N.C. governors, it was completed 1891 on Burke Square using prison labor. Architects, A.G. Bauer & Samuel Sloan.
Collection began with 1851 geological survey: a museum since 1879: H.H. Brimley, curator from 1895 to 1946.
Collection gathered by Fred Olds merged 1902 with state's artifacts to create Hall of History.Moved here in 1994.
Organized in 1856 in the Guion Hotel, which stood here. Dr. W.F. Bason, Haw River, first president.
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