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Sponsored by the State Agricultural Society, the fair was held here, October 18-21, 1853.
Black teacher, writer, & reformer. Principal, Berry O'Kelly School; a founder, N.C. Industrial Assoc. Lived 1 block S.
Chartered in 1835 and completed in 1840. Length 85 miles. Its southern terminus was 400 ft. W.
North Carolina was first state to provide limbs to Confederate amputees. Factory, which operated 1866-67, was ? mi. NE.
State action led to the sterilization by choice or coercion of over 7,600 people, 1933-1973. Met after 1939 one block E.
U.S. negotiator in China for 30 years. Consul in Japan and China. Editor, author, and lawyer. His home was 2 blocks E.
Established for visually impaired student in 1845 under the leadership of John Motley Morehead. Present plant is 500 yards north.
State prison site since 1869. Original buildings completed in 1884. First supt., W.J. Hicks. New facility finished 1983.
Spanish-American War camp. 95 acres, named for the Confederate general, was located here. Only U.S. Army camp in the state, 1898.
This exact replica of the Liberty Bell is the same size, weight, and material as the original. Therefore, it has the same tone that the Liberty Bell would have if it could be rung. The bell, cast in France, weighs 2, 080 pounds. It is 85 percen…
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