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Founded April 16, 1849, the North Carolina Medical Society has fostered the advancement of medical science, to maintain high ethical standards and to promote all aspects of the profession with the goal of relieving suffering and improving the heal…
Black legislator & orator;member 1868 convention;a founder of RepublicanParty & Union League inN.C. Home was 1 block W.
Colonel of black N.C.regiment in war withSpain; edited RaleighGazette; legislator.Home was 25 ft. W.
First Episcopal Bishopof the Diocese of N.C.;1823-1830. Active inthe revival of theChurch. Interred inchurch 50 yds. south.
Home economist. From1911 to 1937 she organizedand led N. C.'shome demonstrationprogram. Lived here.
United States Senator,1931-1946. A Baptistleader and editor of"The Biblical Recorder."Home was here.
Built prior to 1770 andoften site of politicalmeetings. Decision tolocate Raleigh on Lane'sland made there, 1792.Stands 2 blocks south.
President of NationalFarmers' Alliance, 1889 -1892; began ProgressiveFarmer, 1886; a founderof NCSU and MeredithCollege. House is here.
Established 1812 underWm. Hill, Sec. of State;James F. Taylor firststate librarian, 1843.Moved here in 1968.
State Capitolhas been designated a——————————NationalHistoric Landmark——————————This site possesses national significance in com…
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