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To theNorth Carolina Womenof the Confederacy
This memorial is dedicatedto the heroic men andwomen of North Carolinawho served in America'swars. As long as the flameof freedom burns, thememory of their sacrificefor peace shall endure.(east side)World War I1917 - 1918 Major Engagements of W…
1795 - 1849James Knox Polkof Mecklenburg CountyPresident 1845 - 1849He enlarged our national boundaries 1767 - 1845Andrew Jacksonof Union CountyPresident 1829 - 1837He revitalized American Democracy 1808 - 1875Andrew Johnsonof Wake CountyPre…
Old Hickory HighwayErected in lovingMemory of thoseWho served inThe World War
Est. 1833. Horses hauled granite for the Capitol over a railroad from a quarry 1? miles S.E.
Dedicated to the men and women of North Carolina who served with dignity and honor in the Vietnam WarDedicated on May 23, 1987
Built 1833 - 40. Ithiel Town. A.J. Davis and David Paton, architects. First State House built here, 1796; burned, 1831.
Successor to earlier group founded in 1799. Formed here in 1849. Dr. Edmund Strudwick was first president.
Christ Episcopal Churchhas been designated a National Historic LandmarkThis site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America
Taken in June 1861 when the Navy Yard at Norfolk was abandoned by the United States Banded and Condverted at Richmond into a 6 inch rifle mounted at Fort Caswell North Carolina Dismounted by exploding magazines when the Confederates evacuate…
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