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A hewn-log building, erected on this site about 1750; operated until 1760 by Conrad Weiser, distinguished pioneer settler, treaty maker, Indian agent and interpreter, and first Berks County lay judge.
Erected by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Reading Pa. for the use of the public. [Bust of] Francis E. Willard
Dedicated byThe City of Readingto those citizens who in a periodof economic depression labored tobuild this boulevard,1932 - 1935MayorHeber ErmentroutCouncilmenWilliam J. Smith · George M. YocomJesse George · William C. HoverterFrede…
On this site was the house occupied by Dr. Jonathan Potts; Deputy Director General, 1777-1780, of Northern and Middle Departments of the Continental Army.
Given in common to the citizens of Reading, in 1748, by the family of William Penn.
To commemoratethe patriotism and promptitudeof theRinggold Light Artilleryof Reading, Pennsylvania,which reported for duty atHarrisburg, April 16, 1861,arriving there first of thePennsylvania Companies;and with theLogan Guards of Lewistown,Washing…
This buildingwith 10 acres of landwas given tothe City of Readingby Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan MouldApril 21, 1911 In memory ofJames MatzCarpenter-Contractor & Builderand sonsChas. E. & Jas. A. MatzDesigners of this Pagoda
Site of the home of Dr. Bodo Otto, Military Surgeon in Continental Army, 1775-82. Served as Surgeon-in-Chief at Valley Forge, 1777-78; Physician and Surgeon of the Continental Hospitals. Died, 1787.
Pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church from 1803 to 1829; Member of Congress, 1829-38; first U.S. Minister to Austria; Candidate for governor of Pennsylvania at the time of death in 1844. His home was on this site.
Born here March 21, 1857. A graduate of West Point, 1879. He held commands in the Philippines, 1899-1901 and 1915-17, and rose to the rank of Lt. Gen in 1918. On Oct. 16, 1918, he succeeded Gen. Pershing as head of the American First Army in Euro…