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Site of house occupied by Joseph Hiester from about 1792 until his death, 1832; a Lt. Col. in Continental Army; Delegate to Provincial Convention in 1776; Member of Congress for 14 years; Governor of Pennsylvania, 1820-23.
in whichGeorge Washingtonwhile President of the United Stateswas an honored guestOctober 1, 1794
Site of Federal Inn, erected about 1754. George Washington, with military escort, was a guest here, October, 1794, when on his way to muster an armed force to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.
Berks County's oldest Black church building. Erected 1837 by free African Americans; became an Underground Railroad station for escaped slaves seeking freedom. Rebuilt 1867; remodeled 1889. Congregation, dating from 1822, moved to Windsor Street i…
Reading, PennsylvaniahonorsCharles E. DuryeaInventor and builder ofAmerica's first gasoline automobile1892in Springfield, Massachusetts The Duryea automobileswhich were manufactured in Reading1900 - 1911climbed Mount Penn in high gearover this …
Named in honor of Charles E. Duryea, inventor and builder of first successful hill-climbing gasoline automobile in U.S. Duryea Drive, extending from City Park to the Pagoda, is the course used by Duryea for testing his cars, 1900-1907.