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Al Terremere is a member of the Sequoia Sports Hall of Fame as both an athlete and a coach. Al was All-League in both football and baseball during his Sequoia playing career, and captured multiple championships in both baseball and football as a S…
In memory ofS.M. MezesFounder ofMezesvilleNowRedwood CityDonor of this plazaFor the enjoymentOf all people
California Square was a parcel of land located north of Marshall Street, between Hamilton and Winslow, diagonally located across the street from the Courthouse. The site was originally designated as a public park plaza in the Town of Mezesville su…
Simon M. Mezes, owner of the land that now includes most of Downtown Redwood City, donated a block to the newly-formed San Mateo County in 1858 so that a courthouse could be built. There were eventually four courthouses built on this property. Cou…
This block of Broadway underwent a number of major changes during the first half of the twentieth century.It started out as the Central Grammar School in 1895 (legally named "Redwood City Public School") shown at the left above. Part of a third fl…
This home housed three families of historical significance. B.G. Lathrop who had the house built in 1863 was San Mateo County's first clerk-recorder and assessor, serving until 1864 when he became Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for San Mateo…
This was a public plaza in the Mezesville townsite, and was a park until 1959 when it was given to San Mateo County for a Hall of Justice and Records.
Left Side - EnglishShe donated 59,000 acres of land for the benefit of all people. Right Side - SpanishDonadora de 59,000 acres par beneficio de la comunidad
Children and teacherscrossed footbridges to reachthe "Island" public school herefrom 1864 to 1895
The Redwood City Volunteer Fire Department started in 1861, and was the first non-profit organization in San Mateo County. It wasn't until 1921 when this building at 1044 Middlefield Road was built that the firefighters finally received a salary. …