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Organized July 30,1895,the first public High Schoolbetween San Francisco and San Joseoccupied its own buildingon this site in 1904 Plaque donated byThe Exchange Club of Redwood City1967
A classic example of early "Steamboat Gothic" architecture erected in 1863 as the residence of San Mateo County's first Clerk, Recorder and Assessor, Benjamin G. Lathrop. Later the residence of General Patrick Edward Connor and Sheriff Joel Mansfi…
This country estate was begun in 1915 for Mr. and Mrs. William B. Bourn, II. Architect Willis J. Polk designed a modified Georgian Style country house. Subsequently the carriage house and garden pavilion were executed by Arthur Brown. The formal g…
The town of West Union stood between today's Edgewood Road and Raymundo Drive in Woodside. The town was originally developed by the employees of two lumber mills on West Union Creek established by Willard Whipple. Farming supplemented the lumber w…
Union Cemetery's name reflects the controversy that erupted in the Civil War, three years after the cemetery's beginnings in 1859. Pro- and anti- slavery feelings ran high in California, and the founders of the cemetery strongly opposed the secess…