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First RIT Campus. . Rochester Athenaeum est. 1829 Mechanics Institute est. 1885 located here. Merged 1891 & renamed Rochester Institute of Technolocy in 1944. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; …
Douglass Home. . Frederick and Anna Douglass lived in a home on this site with their 5 children, 1848-1851 Welcomed freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; …
Hosea Rogers Pioneer and Lake Captain born at Carthage 1812 settled here 1832 built this hime 1852 died here in 1904
King's Landing First Rochester cemetery; site of first settlement. In its hallowed graves lie this rivers port's pioneers and veterans of three wars.
Changes Over Time19th Century Industrial Era For a century, starting in the 1870s, this area of the Genesee River was dominated by industrial uses. The railroad trestle, shown above, was built up on this site in 1909 to transfer coal from railroad…
Camp Site 1687 Denonville's army of about 2600 Frenchmen and Indians camped here overnight July 12 on the way to attack the Seneca Indians.
The meadows north of this stone form the site of the Indian Landing. Famous in the early history of this country. It was the beginning of the Ohio Trail from Canada to the Mississippi Valley. From this point the portage ran west to the mouth of Re…
Brighton Village In early 19th century, hub of activity on stage route & canal, famed for seeds & nurseries. Church first organized in 1817. Rochester annexed village in 1905.
Amos B. Buckland of the Buckland family of brick makers owned this brick farmhouse that was built in stages from 1820 to 1920. From 1911 to 1939 Hillside Children's Center farmed ninety-two acres, growing vegetables and raising cows, sheep, and pi…
The Buckland / Horst House Constructed circa 1830 of brick made from Brighton clay by the Buckland family. Site of the Horst dairy farm from 1900 through 1945
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